Adult Dental Care

One of the factors why adults tend to have more significant problems with their teeth is due to all the wear and damage to the teeth, and that is that due to the progress of these, it can cause havoc in other parts of the oral cavity. The most common diseases are:

Caries: This problem is caused by the excess of plaque found in the plaque; this accumulation causes bacteria to stick to the teeth and gradually accumulate. Plaque begins to build up after a person eats, which is why dentists recommend that patients wash their teeth after twenty minutes. This problem is more frequent in people who consume high percentages of sugar because the bacteria have a preference for this type of food because they create more glue on the teeth.

On the other side, bacteria tend to eat sugary foods, so if the plaque is not correctly removed, these microorganisms will feed on it and the tooth itself. If the person already has cavities, it is necessary to go to one of the many Tijuana dentists to remove the damaged parts properly; otherwise, it will cause damage to the gums and pulp.

Gingivitis: It is an inflammation of the gums caused by periodontal diseases. In this case, it is due to inflammation of the soft tissue that supports the teeth. This disease is produced, as in caries, by excess bacterial plaque in the oral cavity. The prolonged accumulation of these bacteria in the teeth becomes a hard crust that is usually placed in the part where the teeth meet the gums. These bacteria cause them to become inflamed (as a means of protection by the toxins they release) and sensitive. This inflammation in the gums can cause bleeding when cleaning the teeth.

Certain factors can increase the risk of gingivitis, such as poor hygiene, infections or disease, pregnancy, infections in different parts of the body, misaligned teeth, or the use of certain medications. Although it is a prevalent disease, few people actually go to the dentist to solve this pathology. The treatment of this disease depends very much on the degree of gingivitis in which the person is.

Periodontitis: It is a degree higher than gingivitis that is caused by not treating this disease. The infection and inflammation, in this case, is not only concentrated in the gum area but also progresses and moves toward the ligaments and supporting bone. Advanced periodontitis can cause the dentist to see the need to extract the teeth, or before this process, the same teeth may fall out on their own. The treatment for this disease depends very much on the degree of severity in which the individual is.

Halitosis: Caused by poor hygiene where the high content of food deposits causes them to decompose, and the person later presents lousy breath. Dentists should examine the odor of the breath, primarily because it may indicate a possible illness in the body. For example, if the breath has a fruity scent, it may be a cause of ketoacidosis. Another example is the smell of iron; this may indicate diabetes.

As for the most performed treatments in adults are:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental Implants

People need to pay more attention to dental hygiene because if plaque is not removed correctly, it can cause significant problems and harm the person’s health. It is necessary to see a dentist to examine the state of the teeth.