How does an Ionic Hair Dryer Work?

If you have been shopping for a hair dryer, you have likely noticed that they range anywhere from $20 to $350, and some of them even make pretty bold claims. You may have also noticed that the more expensive hair dryers are “ionic”. Does this mean they are actually better? What is this hair styling tool, and how does an ionic hair dryer work?

What is an Ionic Hair Dryer?

An ionic hair dryer functions by generating negative ions that work to tear down water molecule’s in one’s hair. The process is a healthier option for hair because it doesn’t damage the follicles, and it enables faster drying times.

What is the Best Type of Ionic Hair Dryer to Invest In?

The best ionic hair dryer is one that uses a tourmaline ceramic grill to warm the air and create even, controlled heat alongside the negatively charged ions that work to break apart moisture molecules. Some manufactures will price these hair dryers up to $300 and beyond. But in actuality you can find a high-quality ionic hair dryer with a ceramic grill for around $100. For example, the TURBO MAX by Instyler is a high-quality ionic hair dryer with a ceramic grill priced at $99.99 that even out-performs other models with higher price points. 

How Should One Define an Ionic Hair Dryer?

Really, an ion is a component that’s charged so that an element can be broken down to have a negative or positive charge. Since human hair has both negative and positively charged ions, the ionic hair dryer works to not only dry hair while protecting it, but its use allows for products to work better with hair. This is because H2O molecules will divide into smaller ones that evaporate faster and prevent frying. Keep in mind that conditioners contain positively-charged ingredients that cling to negatively-charged materials (like hair) allowing the conditioner to stay longer, take better effect, and treat your hair as is the product’s goal. 

What Features Should I Demand in an Ionic Hair Dryer?

If you are going to invest in an ionic hair dryer, then make sure to get all the important features while staying within the $100 range, because, there is no reason to spend more than that amount. Look for an ionic hair dryer that offers the following:


  • Proven, tested faster drying time
  • Infinity Dial for customization
  • 10X the power of a standard hair dryer
  • Advanced high torque motor
  • Aerospace designed airflow system
  • Tourmaline ceramic grill
  • Turbo ion generator
  • Lightweight (under 14.5 oz)
  • 9’ pro power cord


When you can find an ionic hair dryer for under $100 that offers all of these features, you can rest assured that you are investing in a high-quality, powerful hair dryer at a great price point.