The Most Difficult Decision

As we grow we need to start thinking about our future, what we will want to do with our lives, what we will want to dedicate ourselves to. This can be quite complicated, especially when we have no idea what we want to be, we are not sure or what we want to eat today and suddenly we have to start thinking about what we will do for the rest of our lives, it is completely normal being full of stress, we begin to feel pressure and do not know what direction is the one we want to take. 

When we are small and do not know about life’s complications, we usually have quite clear what we want to be when we grow up. Many people say “I want to be a policeman”, “I want to be an astronaut”, “I want to be a veterinarian”, etc. However, when we grow up we realize that life is not as simple as it seemed at the time. And that many times it is very difficult to think only about what we would like to do, because there are other factors, like knowing if we are good at it or not, if there is a big possibility of getting money from it or not. Because when we grow up we realize how important money is in life. It is not the most important thing, but you could say that is the second most important thing, because with money is what we get the basic things in life like food, clothing, house, car, etc. Besides that money gives you the opportunity to do more satisfying activities, like traveling, visiting different places and more. 

And although it’s sad, the truth is that these are factors that we have to consider, maybe we love playing video games, but we’re not very good at it and no matter how much we play, we know that we don’t have the talent that a person who plays video games professionally has and can earn income from this activity. And we could play video games all our lives, but that’s not going to make us any money, so it’s important that we think about other options and stop playing video games as a hobby, while we start considering other options that we enjoy as well and through which we can earn an income. 

Some of the professions that people often choose because they enjoy them and know that they can help them generate an income are 

Doctor. Being a doctor requires passion, because although it is true that doctors earn a lot of money, the reality is that it is one of the most complicated professions that exist, to start the years of study required to practice this profession are quite, so whoever is dedicated to this should not be only for the money, but they have to have dedication to be able to take care of people’s health. 

Dentist in Tijuana, if dentists know how to do their job well, if they specialize in some type of treatment, they can manage to obtain a great income. However, these types of professions cannot be taken lightly, only people who really enjoy or want to dedicate themselves to this should do so, because people put their health in your hands instead of belongings as it happens with other types of professions. So it is important to be totally dedicated. 

Lawyer. Lawyers are another profession to which people dedicate themselves more, since there is a fairly large market. People always need someone to help them with legal matters. Besides, if they work in a law firm the income can be great. 

It is important that you know what you want to do and that you consider the different factors that are mentioned, only in this way you will be able to make a good decision and feel satisfied. Also so that once the time comes you will not have problems and you can get the assisted living Mexico that you deserve. Making decisions as adults means always thinking about the future.