The Self-Esteem of Older Adults

It is common for older adults to have problems with self-esteem, mainly because there may be memories that affect the older person. Also, many times the physical problems caused by old age, can frustration and depression in people, so it is essential to have a special care of self-esteem. Let’s remember that there are specific pathologies that can affect the emotional state of older adults, such as mental illness, so there must also be special monitoring for dementia care Tijuana.

Unlike what many believe, with age, there is no improvement in the emotional state; what’s more, these problems can be aggravated to such an extent that the older adult always has emotional crises. Many people at this stage of life do not find the sense to continue living, so there must be constant monitoring of the person.

What may be some of the causes of low self-esteem?

There are many reasons why an older adult may feel low self-esteem, as mentioned above, one of the reasons why an older adult may feel low self-esteem.

Factors are the physical limitations that prevent people from maintaining an active lifestyle. Although the changes are progressive, it is always a shock that there are such drastic changes in life.

Loss of confidence: This may arise as a result of the changes that occur at this stage. This is because they may feel “useless” to perform certain activities that were not previously difficult for them.

Loss of loved ones: Many times, older adults have to bury their friends or family; this can cause significant harm to the elderly because it can lead to depression. Also, the older adult may feel lonely because of this.

Loneliness: Not paying attention to the elderly can cause them to feel forgotten, especially if it is their family members who do not give them the attention they need. If the older adult stays in a place specialized in the care of the elderly, and the relatives don’t visit him, the loneliness that he will feel will be even higher.

Boredom: This factor can also trigger a change in a person’s mood. If the older adult does not have activities that allow him to make use of his mind or body, he may become bored and therefore have low self-esteem.

How to improve the self-esteem of older adults?

To avoid a setback since it is no longer possible to perform so many activities, other alternatives must be found so that the older adult feels motivated and eager to move forward. Fostering autonomy is one of the best options for older adult; this in order not to feel like a burden.

It is necessary to have a lot of communication, mainly because many of them seek to be heard, so the better contact with them, the more valued they will feel. Another thing you can do is to do physical activities together. Remember that old age has a direct impact on the body, and if the adult is not under constant movement, it can cause severe damage to bones, joints, and muscles.

Support is the key to making them feel better, so if you want there to be an emotional change in the older adult, it is necessary not to leave the person behind.