The solution to a definitive smile

One of the things that worries us most as people is our physical appearance, which is why we invest a considerable amount of money to improve our appearance. This to satisfy our expectations and to solve certain inconveniences that can cause us insecurities. The Teeth’s are usually one of the most frequent problems of concern in the population because white teeth and rights are our cover letter. But we can’t always obtain these results in a natural way, that’s why we opt for dental treatments that allow us to have the perfect smile, the famous “Hollywood” smile that we are looking for so much.

One of the most famous and durable methods are dental implants that achieve a desired smile, the implants are so durable, aesthetic and functional that they are similar to real teeth. Implants are artificial substitutes for teeth that are implanted in the natural root of the tooth, healing later in the bone. On this fixation a prosthesis is placed that will replace the lost teeth. Then, the implant is placed in the root of the tooth, followed by an abutment that serves as a connection and finally the crown, which is the piece that resembles the appearance of the tooth.

The material with which the implants are made allows the person to perform the activities they do with the mouth (eating, laughing and talking) with complete safety since the prosthesis is attached to the gum which makes them not feel loose or uncomfortable. The use of this type of method is safe and maintains facial and phonetic expressions. Depending on the patient’s situation, different strategies can be implemented: single-tooth, multiple-tooth and all-tooth implants. In the case of the latter, a fixed bridge adapted to several implants is used. This, of course, should be advised by the dentist who after a thorough examination will recommend the best option.

A great effort is constantly being made in scientific research and industrial development to be able to create implants that last quite a long time. Currently the results of this process has a reliability of 99%, the remaining percentage may be due to pathological conditions. So that no inconveniences arise after implantation such as bone disintegration, implant fracture and Peri-implantitis, a special maintenance process must be carried out; a periodic appointment with the dentist to evaluate the tissues around the implants and the prosthesis, as well as to examine if there is no accumulation of tartar, a daily oral hygiene and in a correct way adapted to the needs required to make the implant more durable, the use of brushes that facilitate cleaning (recommended by dentists), oral irrigations based on special solutions, mouthwash and some other recommendations that will be notified by your dentist.

Finally, it is important to go with people who are trained to perform this type of method and who know the innovations within the implementation; look for places where treatments of this type are performed, as for example, Tijuana is characterized by its high demand for dental processes and the quality of its treatments so you can look for dentist in Tijuana to improve your smile. Remember that the correct maintenance of dental implants will allow you to enjoy them for a long time.